Stuff better done with web technology

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I am going to explore things you can do in an interactive media like the web, that you cannot do (easily) in print, or movies, because they are not interactive, do not have instantaneous links to other pages, and so on. Video games, of course, have this kind of interactivity, but they are lightweight on the written word and have not, to my satisfaction figured out how to be educational either.

So far, despite the hope of the paragraph above, I only have on item (below) to offer. I hope to have more soon. — Jim Brogan, 2016

1. Want to get together with your family and perform a radio play complete with sound effects? Try an episode of the Goon Show. The Goon Show was a radio precursor, of sorts, to Monty Python’s Flying Circus and starred Peter Sellers plus some other famous names Americans will not recognize.